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Why A Peptide Serum?

With the launch of Bay Harbor Beauty's new 24 Karat Gold Peptide Serum, we thought it was only right to do a blog on it. What could possibly be so great about peptides worth creating a serum for them? What are peptides? Let's start with the basics then get into detail on why this 24 Karat Liquid Gold Peptide Serum needs to be added to your skincare routine ASAP!

Peptides are the building blocks of elastin fibers & collagen that are found naturally in our skin. They're short chains composed of over 50 amino acids that communicate to our body to create more collagen. Peptides are so incredible because they can easily be mutated. All you have to do is add or subtract one or more amino acids and the peptide will function as something completely different.

Peptides are so incredibly valuable for skincare because they are formulated into small enough pieces that are able to penetrate through the stratum corner which is the outermost layer of skin. Once through that layer, they are able to penetrate at the cellular level & can carry out their duties. By topically applying the peptides directly to the affected area, you are able to specifically target what area you want them to work on. When these little miracle workers are applied to the skin they dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines. 

When discussing peptides directly benefiting the skin, the two classifications of peptides that are miracle workers on skin are tetrapeptides & hexapeptides. These two types of peptides have completely different functions because of their chemical properties & structure. Hexapeptides have six amino acids which are known for brightening the skin, whereas tetrapeptides-containing four amino acids-are known for their skin firming & elasticity boosting properties. 

After you turn 30 it is estimated that you lose 1%of your remaining collagen per year. While 1% doesn't seem like much, multiply that by 20 if you're 50 years old! You've lost approximately 20% of your total collagen remaining in your body! In order make more collagen, we need to supplement it with either supplements or topical creams. In this serum we used tetrapeptides because we really wanted to accentuate the collagen by adding a peptide that would enhance this by boosting elasticity & firmness. The combination of collagen & tetrapeptides works to tighten & even out skin tone giving a youthful & fresh appearance. 

In our 24 Karat Liquid Gold Peptide Serum we formulated it using the perfect peptide pair of Acetytetrapeptide 40 (for its availing to soothe irritated red skin) & Tetrapeptide 30 (which lightens both sun & age spots).

After reading this you might be thinking if you have sensitive skin you shouldn't use it but its quite the opposite! Peptides are actually amazing for not only sensitive skin, but skin that needs a little pick-me-up! 

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