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Glowing Body Oil
Susan Fay
Glowing body oil vanilla sandalwood

Smells divine … a little goes a long way!

Love mu Honey Glow!!

I love the way my skin feels and smells after using the honey glow body lotion, it goes on seamlessly and makes my skin hydrated and smooth for hours.

Fantastic product for moisturizing!

Great scents and dries in an instant. I am very happy with all of Bay Harbor Beauty and definitely will be a lifelong client! Highly will not be sorry!!!

One Of My Fav’s

I’ve been practicing skincare as a medical aesthetician with products from all over the world. I’m so grateful to have found this hidden gem 💎. This lotion is like changing. My skin has never been so smooth, soft and hydrated with without having to re-apply it.

Silky Smooth Body Butter
Robin Morehouse

Silky Smooth Body Butter

Amazing products

Hello I heard about the Honey Glow body lotion on Tammy’s ageless beauty you tube channel. She raved about this body lotion so I had to try it out. I am so glad I did!! I love the body lotion and the body oil so much I just reordered to make sure I don’t run out! I have mature, post menopausal dry skin. The honey glow lotion and body oil has improved the texture and elasticity of my skin. I had a small patch of exema and it’s gone!! I will never be without the Honey Glow body lotion. Thankyou!!

Glowing Body Oil
Stephanie Oxley

Glowing Body Oil

Lip Balm
Debbie Paxton

Love the color and the feel of this lip balm!

Jojoba Bead Honey Foaming Scrub
Spa-like results

Love the scent & suds! Makes my skin feel like I’ve been at a spa

Love this mask!

This mask is exactly what I have been looking for—gentle, hydrating exfoliation with all natural ingredients. I’ve been using it 2 to 3 times per week for 3 months and love how smooth my skin looks. The subtle pumpkin scent is very nice too, so it is pleasant to use. I’ve just received my second order, so happy I found this mask.


So happy with my purchases, much more than I had expected!! Will be reordering, and look forward to gifting to friends!!

My favorite product

I love this scrub. It’s super moisturizing and gentle. I have extremely sensitive skin. I get the unscented and have no problems. The jojoba bead and honey scrub is my second favorite.

Fantastic product for moisturizing!

Fantastic body butter along with all of Bay Harbor Beauty. Wonderful customer service; fast shipping and scents are amazing! Great after the shower body cream!

Great products!

I have been using products for years. Highly recommend.

Feels nice on skin

I like the products but I smell nothing even remotely v
Close to grapefruit.

Thank you for your feedback and we are glad you like the lotion. The scent you chose was citrus mimosa and is described as 'citrus scent' Although there are grapefruit notes it is not supposed to smell like grapefruit. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks again!!

Urea Water Gel - 35%
Deborah Fink

At 73, my first eczema - I had no idea it is so crummy. Urea Water Gel to the rescue - it started the healing quickly and kept at it. By the end of the 1st twice-daily week, it was becoming a non-issue - what a relief. Of course, I hope I never need it again, but I’ll know where it is if I should. Very effective product with ingredients I feel good about.

Glowing Body Oil
Good body oil

I ordered vanilla sandalwood. When you open it it seems very sweet but once on your body it smells very nice like the butter wash one and the combination of both stays on your body for at least 3-4 hours. Glowing not so much but still good quality and fragrance

Love the scrub!!

This is not my first order. I just love Bay Harbour Beauty products! Will always re-order 🥰

Body butter!

This cream is just luxurious. I’m so glad I purchased it.

It has helped my sons face from getting so oily. We need to use it more consistently.

Love It!!!

I am in love with this foaming scrub!! It's all I want to use as my daily cleanser!

Great Urea cream

The Urea cream is superb.

Nice Cleanser

I really like this cleanser. The texture is silky and it never leaves my skin feeling stripped or dry. I only use it once a day as my morning cleanser, so I have no comment on how it works removing makeup. It has very little smell, for those who my not be able to tolerate a scent.
My only complaint is that it plugs up the hole in the pump. Maybe that's because I only use it once a day, but I feel like a pump with a slightly bigger hole in it would work better. Especially because I need 2-3 pumps anyhow.

Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

5 Stars. Shocked at how my skin isn’t breaking out now since using this. I love it and you are out of stock. Plan to order again and again. My new favorite facial cleanser!

Honey Glow Body Lotion
Audrey Castreje

Absolutely love this lotion. It's not sticky or greasy and the scent is wonderful! I love to wear this to bed after a day's quick rinse. I also love to wear this with the oil in the summer, especially if I'm anywhere near mosquitos. Not only do I smell great, but it really helps repel those pesky little buggers on a nice summer's day or evening outside. Just be sure to grab the right scent!