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Honey Glow Body Lotion
Ildiko Molnar
Honey glow

My skin love it! Highly recommend. And it smells fantastic .

Lovely weight

With summer approaching, I needed a body lotion that moisturized without suffocating my skin. The weight of this lotion is perfectly lovely. I will purchase again. Thank you Tammy for recommending the Burberry scent. I love it!

❤️ it all!

I love BHB and decided to restock some items during the 25% flash sale and try a few others. In addition to the moisturizing body silk, I purchased the Sake cleansing balm. The cleansing balm removes better than any other I’ve tried and leaves skin supple and hydrated while leaving no trace of makeup, or in my case, tinted waterproof sunscreen. Then I ordered the trio of body silk scents as samplers and gifts. Pink peony is going to be great for summer as is the citrus mimosa. If you have keratosis pilaris, the body silk greatly improves it as well as providing overall hydration.

Water Gel moisturizer

Very Nice. Have enjoyed gel and jar delivery system.

Mini Sets
I appreciate the option to sample new scents

I purchased the trio of body butters in island coconut, Brazilian toasted nut and vanilla sandalwood. The vanilla sandalwood is for travel since I know I already love the scent. Of the two others, the island coconut is my favorite (not a fan of the Brazilian nut scent but a friend of my loved it so I gave it to her). The body butter is even better than before in consistency and absorption. Now I’m hoping for some new scents like a good almond or maybe a vanilla lavender. :)


This jojoba bead honey foaming scrub has changed my skin from dry, flaky and bumpy into soft, silky and moisturized! If you're on the fence about trying any of her products? Jump off that fence and treat the largest organ you have to her amazing body scrubs, oils and lotions! I have this trio in Vanilla Sandlewood; and my absolute most favorite scent of all, Tuberose! Her Sake Cleansing Balm for the face is amazing at removing the daily grime and makeup, leaving your face feeling so clean and moisturized! None of her products leave that "filmy" feeling (on your body or in your tub) like a lot of other moisturizing body and facial cleansers do. Find your favorite scent and do your skin a favor and give her products a try! Thank you Tammy's Ageless Beauty for telling us all about Bay Harbor Beauty!

Glowing Body Oil
Linda Breslich

Glowing Body Oil

I love this moisturizer!

It leaves my skin feeling plump and smooth. It is very easy to apply. I will definitely be repurchasing!

Silky Smooth Body Butter
Wendy Creighton
Love the Silky Smooth Body Butter

I love how it makes my skin feel. It is not greasy to me.

Glowing Body Oil
Kathleen Grehlinger
Glowing Body Oil

I have used this product in a different scent and like both the Citrus Mimosa and the Toasted Brazilian Nut.

Amazing Products!

The Body Scrub, Body Oil and Body Butter are all amazing! I have them in Vanilla Sandlewood and Tuberose (my absolute favorite)! My skin has never felt softer or more moisturized. Thank you Tammy's Ageless Beauty for telling us all how wonderful these products are!


I have watch Tammyagelessbeauty YouTube channel for years, she told us about your company and the new scent Burberry. I order the oil and body butter in Burberry and LOVE IT. I will be ordering from the company again. I do hope they come out with a perfume spray in this scent too. Very happy with this company give it 5 stars

Silky Smooth Body Butter
Rebecca Zanetis
LOVE the scent

Toasted Brazilian Nut is sooooo good and spot on for Bum Bum. I remember the body butter being a little bit more hydrating and glossy the last time I had some, but it could be me! It’s super dry where I am!

Flowerbomb 🌺 shower scrub

Product is great ! It really smells like the perfume! Def buy other products w/ the scent and possibly others. Thank Tammy’s Ageless Beauty ! 👍👍

Glowing Body Oil
Linda Murerkrauss
Burberry Bliss

I recently watched a You Tube video by Tammy from Tammy’s Ageless Beauty and she was talking about the scent Burberry. I purchased Bay Harbor Beauty version of a Burberry body lotion and a Burberry spray body oil. I really do love both of these products, especially the oil. My husband also likes the Burberry body lotion. Thanks to Tammy for the recommendation and to BHB for making these products. I hope that they continue to be available so that I may purchase in the future.

Mini Sets
Virginia Michel

Smells great love all the products. My family loves them!

Hands down the best

I got a sample of this lip masque and I am addicted. For YEARS, I have suffered from a persistent chapped spot on my lip. I have tried so many balms, scrubs, masks, creams, and nothing has worked. Three or so weeks of diligently using this masque (that’s the ONLY thing I’ve changed), and that spot is healed. I came back and purchased the set here.

EXCELLENT Customer Service

I am new to Bay Harbor Beauty. I ordered some lotion for myself and as a gift. I had a little trouble with one of the pumps. I sent a message and received an immediate response, return label, and she resent my order!! Excellent service! Thank you!

Love it! This body butter is so thick and creamy!

The consistency is perfect 😍

Best I've found!

I have been using BHB body butter for over a year. It's the best. Great customer service too!

As always - WONDERFUL

I loved this lotion before and I still love it! I think what I love most is that it “soaks” in so quickly, doesn’t feel greasy, and makes my skin look refreshed and healthy.

Thank You Tammy for recommendation!

This smells like fall to me and I love it! Goes on silky smooth my skin drinks it up! Does not leave my skin with dry or tight feeling! I didn't know my face was dirty - until I saw how clean and healthy it looked after use! Simply delightful!

Feels and smells wonderful

I am thoroughly enjoying using this product!!

Glowing Body Oil
Debbie Ruttencutter
Absolutely love this il!

I was hesitant to purchase body oil because I thought it would leave my skin too oily. Wow was I ever wrong! With summer approaching and shorts and dresses coming out I can't wait to wear this daily!

Best Urea Cream

I started using this urea cream several months ago on my very calloused feet. The results were incredible. Within 30 days the raised rough callouses were gone. I now have baby soft feet. It also works well on ankles and elbows. Love this cream. Have already repurchased it.