I have been in the medical and skincare industry for over 20 years. When I started BHB, my goal was to create potent, high-quality skincare that was affordable but without using all the harmful/useless fillers.  The skincare ingredients you see in BHB products are the same that you see in high-end, medical-grade skin care.  The difference is a high price tag is NOT attached.  I want the products to be affordable to the majority of people.  

Every product is made in small batches and jarred within days of being made.  This allows the customer to have the freshest skin care possible. 

I know that choosing the correct skincare is a very personal decision.  I also know numerous lotions and potions are on the market, which can be very confusing to sort through.  If you ever have a question, please text or email us.  

Formulating products is my passion.  I spend much of my time developing product formulations, learning about the newest ingredients, expanding the BHB line, and listening to customer feedback.  Bay Harbor Beauty is a Houston, TX-based and woman-owned business.

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