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The Perfect Pumpkin Product

It is officially fall & everyone is beyond excited about all of the fun pumpkin scents! If you're like me, you love finding those pumpkin scented products to get you in the mood for the cooler weather. As fall approaches its completely normal for skin to dry out. This occurs because with cooler weather comes harsh winds that strip that natural barrier off of your skin that prevents it from drying out. When your skin loses the moisture in its upper layers- it causes uncomfortable cracked dryness to occur. We have your entire body covered when it comes to kicking dry skin to the curb.

One of our products that we LOVE for a dry or inflamed face is our Pumpkin Enzyme Face Mask. This face mask is a rinse off cream mask that only needs to stay on for a few minutes to start working. The reason our Pumpkin Enzyme Face Mask works so good is because we pack it full of beneficial ingredients at a higher than average concentration. This ensures it will get the job done.

These main ingredients are what truly makes this mask incredible; 

  • Pumpkin Enzymes are full of hydroxyl acids & other enzymes that literally speed up cell regeneration. This means that it allows new skin to be produced faster giving your skin a radiant glow. These enzymes are also antioxidants & have extreme moisturizing/smoothing capabilities. With the cooler weather skin-hydration is crucial.
  • Rice Bioferment is a powerful anti-aging elixir. It is rich in vitamins & minerals which help purify and smooth the skin.
  • Sake Extract is found in many of our products. We've added it to this mask because it helps to even skin complexion & reduces blemishes from sun/age spots. 
  • Yeast Extract was a must-have for this mask as well because it is very powerful at cell-communication & helps to slow the aging process. 

When choosing fall products make sure to be aware of wether or not there is an artificial scent added. We all love the fall scents, but they are either essential oil or fragrance based. Neither of these are good for your face as the skin on your face is much more sensitive & delicate. Natural substances like essential oils can be irritating, toxic, or cause allergic reactions. We leave essential oils out of our face products for this reason! All of our face products contain absolutely no fragrance & we do not offer it as an option. 

If you are searching for a delicious fall scent we will be carrying a select few scents in some of our body products as the essential oils we will have are sourced from companies that truly care about what is in them & are meant to be added specifically to skin products! 


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