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The Jolt You Need For Your Electrifyingly Luxurious Facial!

Have you ever heard of a ZIIIP® or NuFACE®? If not, prepare to be amazed! These little handheld devices allow you to give yourself an electrical facial from home. An electrical facial is like a workout for your face. When you send these electrical currents through your skin they mitigate the pull of gravity & stimulate your body's natural cellular communication process. When cellular communication is stimulated it speeds up the skin's healing process which boosts the production of collagen & elastin. Although the results can take weeks to become obviously visible, your face will immediately look refreshed and renewed after each use.

When using these devices, you must always use a water based gel. The purpose of using a conduction gel with these devices is that our skin is naturally resistant to electrical currents. The outer layer of our skin has very little moisture in it which gives it that electrical resistance. Without a conduction gel the microcurrents will literally bounce off the skin leaving inhibiting results. In addiction to allowing the electrical currents to penetrate the skin, it sticks to the skin & creates a slippery smooth surface for the machine to glide across allowing the currents to really get to where we want them to go.

We created our 24 Karat Liquid Gold Conduction Gel for this exact type of device. Most conduction gels on the market are expensive, full of unnecessary fillers, & are meant to be washed off.  We didn't like the sound of any of that so we changed it up! Our conduction gel is at a price point that is easier on your wallet & is packed full of incredibly beneficial ingredients. When you use these devices you are increasing the permeability of the skin cells, so everything that you put on your skin during that time will be absorbed & pushed deeper into the layers of your skin. Bay Harbor Beauty couldn't understand why you would use a conduction gel and then be instructed to wash it off immediately. Possibly because of the toxic & unnecessary ingredients other companies use? Unlike other gels, ours is meant to be kept on. We want all of those amazing ingredients to be left on the skin so that they can continue to be absorbed!

A few of the main ingredients in our 24 Karat Liquid Gold Conduction Gel are; 

  • 24 Karat Gold Flakes- Gold is known to penetrate the dermis benefiting the skin in a multitude of ways.  It's benefits include; restoring elasticity, slowing down collagen depletion, slowing the breakdown of elastin, stimulates cellular growth,  & gives the skin a radiant look. 
  • Caffeine- When applied topically to the skin, caffeine constricts the blood vessels helping to reduce inflammation & puffiness. It also reduces wrinkles & cellulite giving the skin a brightened appearance. 
  • D-ribose- Improves elasticity of skin, improves the structure of the skins surface, enhances the metabolism of the skin giving it a more radiant & healthy appearance, improves the oxygen uptake of the skin cells which directly augments the healing process. It also has been clinically proven to reduce both the area and length of wrinkles. 
  • Passionfruit Extract- This extract acts as a skin soothing antioxidant.
  • Saccaromyces Ferment- This yeast derivative helps increase cellular respiration & metabolism to improve efficiency. It also increases the natural production of collagen & elastin to combat wrinkle formation. 

If you get the chance to give yourself one of these electrifyingly amazing facials we hope you give our 24 Karat Liquid Gold Conduction Gel a try to optimize your results!

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