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Why Bay Harbor Beauty?

I'm sure you've tried your fair share of skincare products. Have you ever tried one that really stuck out from the rest? A skincare product that actually worked? Why does it seem like when a skincare product really works it doesn't smell very nice, or when a skincare product smells nice it doesn't work like it should.

We make sure the products are as good as they possibly can be, and then we scent them naturally ensuring they smell as good as they works. In addition to the product being effective & the product smelling good,  we use natural ingredients and active ingredients that are truly needed & cut the other unnecessary ingredients out. Every single product is always cruelty-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, no artificial colors, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, & no added fragrance unless you want your product scented. 

We don't just stop there, we make sure the jars we use are also safe and won't cause any chemicals to leak into the product. We use only BPA-free containers. 

Our products have had many successes helping to make skin conditions better & sometimes help the condition to subside so that it is no longer an issue. 

We give you one on one advice with our team if you ever have any questions or need some extra help. We are available to answer any questions you have at any time. We love connecting with our customers to help! 


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