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Benefits of Liposomes in Skincare Products

Choosing skincare products that are the best for your skin can be very difficult. Not only are there a multitude of products to choose from, but when you read the ingredient labels there may be many ingrinets that you do not recognize. 

Liposomes are a very popular ingredient in skincare products but not many people know what they are or how they benefit your skin. Liposomes are a great thing to look for on ingredient labels because they help the product penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. They not only increase the effectiveness of the product, but they also provide relief from a number of skin issues. 

Your skin is made up of multiple layers. The outermost layer contains dead skin cells and the deeper layers contain lipids which are the fatty molecules of the skin. These lipids in your skin are very important because they maintain oil levels preventing it from drying out. When using most skincare products, many of the vitamins and beneficial ingredients are not reaching the lower layers of the skin. This means they are only affecting the top layer. When Liposomes are added they help the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin which makes them much more effective. 

By now you might be asking yourself-what exactly is a Liposome? A Liposome is a small circular bubble-like molecule that is able to transport nutrients and vitamins into the skin. Although the Liposomes alone don't have any skin benefits, when added to a skincare product full of active and beneficial ingredients they are able to act as a transport system into the deeper layers of the skin. Liposomes are both biodegradable and non-toxic which makes them 100% safe for your skin.

The benefits of Liposomes when added to skincare products are immense.  If you are using a product for dry skin it will only affect the outer layer of skin. When you use a product with Liposomes for dry skin, you are able to treat the root of the problem as the moisturizing skin soothing ingredients are soaked into the deeper layers of the skin keeping your skin moisturized longer. When ingredients are delivered into your skin cells, they are metabolized and stop working once the metabolization is done. The benefits of many skincare products are short lived for this very reason. However, when Liposomes are added to them they are not released until they reached the desired area ensuring that the nutrients metabolize slowly and none of them are wasted. When nutrients are delivered to their target layer and metabolize slower, fewer applications of product are needed. By using products less you eliminate any skin issues that arise from overusing products such as blocked pores, or oily skin. 

Although Liposomes alone do not have any benefits on the skin, they are a very effective transportation system for other beneficial ingredients in the product. This means that all of the active ingredients, victims, and nutrients from the skincare product will reach the lower layers of your skin ensuring their effectiveness. No matter what type of skincare product it is from creams to acne treatments-they will always be more effective when containing Liposomes. 

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