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Why Using Our 35% Urea Cream Is A Total Game Changer!

When you hear the word "Urea" what comes to mind? Is it something you're not too sure about and would want to google to find out? Prior to learning about Urea I really wasn't sure what it was let alone why it would be in a skincare product. Now after years of researching it and actually seeing how dramatically it improves skin and different skincare conditions it is simply something I cannot live without. The benefits of Urea are so incredible I had to create a treatment cream for it! 

Lets start at the beginning. Urea is something your body naturally makes. It is an active part of our natural moisturizing factor that keeps our skin working efficiently. As we age, this Urea begins to decrease causing dry skin, inflammation, & wrinkles. The aging process and decrease in Urea production sometimes happens sooner than it normally would because of the harsh ingredients we use and environmental pollutants. This single ingredient can actually help to repair the damage our skin has endured which is why some refer to it as the fountain of youth. Although rubbing it over your skin every night for a few weeks won't literally make you younger- it will cause a noticeable difference in the texture and appearance of your skin. When topically applied, people with dehydrated and inflamed skin-all of us after the cold winter season-saw improvement in their symptoms as much as 50%! 

In addition to the dreaded dry skin, Urea has also been proven..yes proven to improve the symptoms of eczema up to 80%! If you've ever had the joy of experiencing eczema firsthand or were lucky enough to have a little one with it you know how hard it is to get rid of. I am not telling you that my Urea cream will rid you or your loved one of eczema, I am simply letting you know that based on what I have researched and what I have seen with people who have used my 35% Urea Cream to treat their eczema, it has helped!

Urea also has helped to treat/improve skin conditions such as psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, and dermatitis. All of these skin conditions cause dryness, & irritation to the skin which Urea is known to treat.

Urea is hydrophilic so it LOVES water. This characteristic of Urea enables it to hold onto the water molecules in your skin, leaving it hydrated and plump. This ingredient improves skin barrier function, naturally exfoliates, fights acne, & can actually have an anesthetic effect on your skin giving it anti-itch properties which works wonders for itchy, dry skin.

If you have reoccurring dry skin, keratosis pilaris, eczema, or psoriasis please give our 35% Urea Cream a try! After a week of using our 35% Urea Cream you should see a noticeable difference! If you'd like more information please send us a message so we can help!

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