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Ready For The Easiest Skincare Routine Ever?

Work. School. Kids. Cleaning. Life. Wether you're only dealing with one,  some, or all of these things in your day-to-day life I'm sure that when everything is done for the day and you have those few and far between moments of silence to yourself the first thing on your mind isn't getting to the bathroom to go take care of your skin. Not only is it usually time consuming, but it requires so many different products that after so long you just sigh to yourself in the mirror-wash off your face-and go lay in bed to finish some episodes of a show you've been trying to finish for weeks. One of my goals with Bay Harbor Beauty products was to give you the absolute best combination of ingredients, maximizing your results, all while making it EASY to use. What if I told you it's as simple as taking your shower & brushing your teeth? It is as simple as taking your shower and brushing your teeth!

Everything is done-tasks are all complete-now you get to relax. You haven't showered yet so we will start there. You get in, wash your body-here comes our Jojoba Bead & Honey Foaming Scrub - cleaning and exfoliating all at the same time. You notice your elbows and knees are feeling extra dry - enter Fruit Enzyme Body Polish. You let it sit on your skin for at least 2 minutes so you start washing your hair & condition. By this time you have your conditioner setting and polish is still on your skin. Perfect time to wash your face with our Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Cleanser. Now you rinse everything off and get out of the shower. All that's left to do is brush your teeth & hair. Before you start that you apply some of your favorite serum or serums to your skin. You've finished your night-time routine and guess what? You don't have to give up watching your show. Apply one of our facial moisturizers or a mask, kick back, & relax. 

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