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Searching for the Fountain of Youth?

Although we still have yet to find the fountain of youth, we have formulated something thats pretty darn close. Our 24 Karat Liquid Gold Peptide Serum has a high concentration of collagen that literally sinks deep into your skin delivering an intensive dose of collagen right where you need it most! Collagen acts as a supportive foundation for strong & flexible skin.

This serum improves sagging skin by promoting your body's natural collagen production. It also helps to minimize the loss not elasticity & keeps your skin looking supple and smooth. To make this product even better we chose to use only vegan collagen! Plant collagen is a new innovative technology created by binding together corn, soy, & wheat protein fibers. These combined fibers result in 100% vegan amino acids that structurally mirror collagen providing a function similar to animal derived collagen without the unfavorable implementation of living creatures. 

Now that you know what this serum does, lets dig a little bit deeper to understand why this serum is so crucial & should be a part of our daily skincare regimen. 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body & is the main component of the connective tissue in our skin. As we get older our body begins to produce less collagen which is why we begin to "look" old.  In addition to natural factors, external factors such as sun exposure, unhealthy eating habits, & pollution slow our body's production of collagen. Although we cannot force our body to make more collagen-we can apply collagen products to our skin to reinforce the skin's structural fiber's and redefine our facial contours. When you apply a high concentration of collagen topically it keeps the skin firm, plump, & hydrated! If you use this serum alongside collagen supplements you just might end your search for the fountain of youth for once & for all!


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