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Don't Let Dry Feet Sabotage Sandal Season!

As we get closer and closer to warmer weather, it's time to put away the winter boots and bring out those cute sandals you've been waiting all year to wear! Dry hands pester us during the winter months & as soon as spring rolls around we trade them in for dry feet. This happens because we went from always having our hands exposed to the cold weather while our feet were warm and out of the cold in our socks & shoes. When it gets warmer outside our hands adapt to the nice temperatures while our feet unfortunately don't follow suit. Our feet are suddenly exposed to being without any covering out in the air all day which causes them to dry out. We just can't ever win...until NOW!

Bay Harbor Beauty formulated multiple products specifically with dry skin in mind. The most moisturizing products for chronic-hard to treat dry skin are our Fruit Enzyme Body Polish & 35% Urea Cream. Here's why...

Using our Fruit Enzyme Body Polish on not only your body-but your feet- you are exfoliating the dry skin off. In order for any moisturizing products to penetrate the affected area the dry dead skin must be removed. Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Willow Bark Extract are the two main exfoliants in our Fruit Enzyme Body Polish. Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are a group of acids that come from plants. They can be found in a variety of skincare products due to their incredible properties. AHAs are in our Fruit Enzyme Body Polish because they are an especially great & natural exfoliant. In addition to the AHAs, we added willow bark extract to our polish. Willow bark extract is derived from the willow bark tree & is used for its keratolytic properties. This means it breaks down dead skin cells & gently exfoliates by actually dissolving the impurities that are clogging your pores. 

When you use our Fruit Enzyme Body Polish on your dry feet you are exfoliating the dry skin away! We love our 35% Urea Cream in combination with this polish because it is a foolproof gateway to soft skin! If you really want to ensure the softest possible skin we recommend applying a body butter or cream overtop of the urea cream. Since our 35% Urea Cream dries almost like a thick powder-you are sealing that goodness into the affected area & adding an additional layer of moisture at the same time.  

To find out more about our 35% Urea Cream & why it is so beneficial for a wide variety of skin conditions-not only just dry skin please click back to our previous blog post about it. 

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